The rapidly-changing world of micro finance demands the most dynamic solution on the market.

You can manage all your customer loans, repayments and all other processes in one place. Spend less time doing admin work and more time growing your business.

The latest design of Reds Capital Micro Finance Solution is flexible, user friendly and features a very high level automation. This gives the Micro Finance Solution is the flexibility and capability to deliver excellent customer service and operate very efficiently with a minimum number of staff.


Take your software to the next level by optimizing it to your micro finance environment. Tell us what you need and we'll make it happen.

Supports all types of loans

Our clients use our software’s for a daily loan, personal loans, auto loans, crowd sourced and peer-to-peer loans. We support micro lending in emerging economies and engage in complex credit bureau eco-systems.

Loan Management

View loan details including repayments, loan terms, loan schedule, files, and comments. You can also print loan statements and schedule for your borrowers. Set loan fees, grace period, and penalties.

Staff Management

Now you can manage your staff like a bank! You can assign branches to your staff and give them roles such as Cashier, Teller, Operations Manager, Collector, and Branch Manager.

You can set permissions for each staff role and control what forms they can see and the branches they can operate in the admin area.

IT support and customer service

We provide full technical support and we are always here for any problem. Our experts will guide you at every step of customization process.


Some of our special features

  • Borrowers

    • Upload picture and files if any
    • Assign Borrowers to Group.
    • Add details such as DOB, Email, Mobile, Address and others.
    • Add Loans and Savings Account
    • Assign Loan Officers to Borrowers
    • Unlimited Borrowers can be added
  • Add Loan

    • Add Loan Products
    • Choose from Flat Interest, Reducing Balance - Equal Installments, Reducing Balance - Equal Principal, Interest-Only loans, or Compound Interest
    • Released Date, Amount, Interest %, Duration, and Repayment Cycle
    • Add Repayment Cycle for example fixed days every month
    • Set Grace Period
    • Set Penalties for late repayment and after maturity date
    • First Repayment Date and First Repayment Amount can be manually set in Add Loan
    • Add Loan Fees
    • Add Guarantors
    • Loan Calculator
    • Add Custom Fields
    • Add Loans for Processing
    • Set Loan Reminders
    • Unlimited Loans
  • Manage Loan

    • Approve or Reject New Loan Request
    • View and print Loan Statement and Collection Schedule
    • Add Repayment
    • Add Bulk Repayments
    • View Loan Terms and Files
    • Add Comments
    • Edit Collection Sheet
    • Restructure Loan
    • Override Loan Due Amount
    • Filter Loans
    • Print Encashment
  • Overdue Loans

    • View Pending Due Loans
    • View Past Maturity Date Loans
    • View 1 Month Overdue Loans
    • View 3 Months Overdue Loans
  • Download Statements/Receipts

    • Repayment Receipt
    • Loan Statement
    • Client Statement
    • Loan Schedule
    • Other Income Receipt
    • Format Reports
  • Reports

    • Balance Sheet
    • Collections Report and Chart
    • Collector Report (Staff)
    • Cash Flow and Detailed Cash Flow
    • Cash Flow Projections
    • Disbursement Report
    • Pending Dues Report
    • Profit Loss Statement
    • Transaction History Report
    • Not Paid Report
    • Suspension Report
    • Expenses Report
    • Summary of total borrowers, loans, and collections
    • Download reports in CSV (Excel, LibraOffice, Apache OpenOffice)
  • Users

    • Add Staff and upload picture and files
    • Approve or Reject New Employee Request
    • Set Staff Roles for each staff such as Cashier, Teller, Operations Manager, Collector, and Branch Manager
    • Set permissions for each staff role and control what forms they can access
    • Assign Staff to Branch so they can't access other branches